Art Mushrooms

AM (Art mushrooms): Art mushrooms are small, light blue colored mushrooms you obtain from doing/ obtaining art of your character. Obtaining 1000 mushrooms allows you to pick either Alpha or Beta status for your eligible character.

  • Art mushrooms can only be obtained by main Paroithians.
  • Any medium of art counts! crafts, traditional, digital, pixels etc. for now no writting until we figure out an easy way to approve it.
  • Art mushrooms can be obtained by the owner drawing said character or by someone else drawing them. The count will always be the same as mentioned below, wether it is drawn by the owner or another artist.
  • Art mushrooms can't be transfered to other characters.
  • Shapeshifter/Berserker forms won't count for Art mushrooms, only your main their true form!


Fullbody sketches/ lineart + 1 Colored + 2 Shading + 2 Background + 4

Crafts + 30 (plushies, clay figures, etc.)


Each fullbody needs to show AT LEAST 3 limbs! below you can see what would be approved and what not + what we consider limbs