Prompts of Paroith

What is the prompt central?
The prompt central is the place where all the GYO prompts are uploaded! Whenever you need some inspiration to draw or write about your Paroithians, come over here and check our current prompt! If you complete it there will be a good reward for you!
What's a prompt?
A prompt is a brief passage of text (in this case) that provides a potential topic, idea or starting point for an original story, drawing or another form of art!
How often do the prompts change?
This prompts will be posted once every two weeks!
What are the rewards for completing a prompt?
Mainly you will obtain a prompt droplet! some prompts come with other small prizes and extra EXP loots. For each prompt, the reward will be listed next to it.
What are the prompt droplets?
Prompt droplets are special items that can be used for the Prompt droplet machine. This machine can give you rare items, rare seeds or even a MYO slot.
Where can I see how many prompt droplets I own?
You can check your droplet account in our bank! There's also a tab where you can check out past prompts under: Log
Current prompt?

You don't have a Paroithian yet? FEEL FREE TO USE ANY OF OUR AVAILABLE NPC'S

  • In order for your prompt to be approved and obtain the reward from it, you must submit it to the Prompt folder on our group gallery! If your prompt isn't uploaded to this folder it will not count for grading.
  • You can use villagers, nomads, pirates, and ninjas to complete any prompt!
  • Each prompt can be completed once per user [You can include multiple villagers on your artwork but you'll just get the reward once!]
  • Every artwork must follow the rules & lore of the group + the rules from deviantArt.
  • Your entry must have some effort! If you upload a sketch without color it will not count for the reward. The drawing must be at least flat colored. If it is a traditional drawing, it must be scanned or photographed well so we can properly grade it!’
  • It doesn't have to be a masterpiece but we need you to put some thought and love to it